To contact the local hotline via the website – click here

phone:  08-9371107, 107

fax: 08-9371128

The local hotline provides a 24 hour service.

The local hotline was established in order to improve the services provided to the local residents.



The local hotline is a computerized technical control center that provides solutions for various situations such as:


  • Emergency calls regarding security and safety issues from local residents and schools.
  • A security control center which combines technological visual aids and control devices.
  • The center also acts as an efficient coordinator that mediates between the local community and the local council, transferring each communication to the relevant department in order to achieve suitable solutions in matters such as various hazards, mishaps and maintenance issues throughout the village.
  • The foundations for a future infrastructure control system have recently been made available (Lighting, sewage and watering systems).
  • The hotline center transfers all communications to the council’s executive department and follows up on its performance.  

You may contact the local hotline in any case of the following hazards:

  • Potholes (either roads or pavements)
  • Water or sewage leakage
  • Public health hazards such as garbage, animal carcasses
  • Wandering animals
  • Inoperative street lights
  • Traffic hazards and road safety
  • Natural hazards
  • Collapsing trees or buildings
  • Other hazards  

The local hotline also provides information regarding matters such as:

Special events, tourism, culture, general information regarding local services rendered etc.