Museum Manager: Talila Sharabi

Secretary: Zehava Levi

Address: 40 Rothschild Street

 Phone: 08-9349525

 Fax: 08-9348345




Come and discover an incredible story, draw water from the well, visit the exhibitions, tour the historic sites and enjoy a taste of the past right here and now in the present.

Opening Hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 8:00 – 13:30

Friday: 8:00 – 12:00

Saturday: 9:30 – 13:30 (check in advance)


Guided tours are arranged in advance and are available at flexible hours.

A guided tour to the historic sites and the collage exhibition leaves the museum area on the first Friday of every month at 10:00 am.

40 Rothschild Street. Mazkeret Batya                                              Tel. 08-9349525, Fax: 08-9348345






Captain Eran Shamir of Blessed Memory

28.10.1974 - 15.05.1997 grew up in Mazkeret Batya, loved and studied its history and also nature and the environment. As a youngster he volunteered to act as a tour guide for the museum and took part in its many activities. Before he joined the army he also volunteered to become a youth counselor at the “Keshet Yehonatan” field school on the Golan. Eran, who served as a first lieutenant in the Paratroopers commando unit, was killed in action in Lebanon. The village museum was named after him in 1998.     

Museum Manager

Talila Sharabi

Tel. 08-9349525

Fax: 08-9348345

 The renowned Eran Shamir village museum in Mazkeret Batya was opened to the public in 1987. The museum preserves exceptional artifacts that have both esthetic and historical value and is also an educational center that brings joy to all its visitors. It is a lively and greatly active establishment that sees its duty not only as one that preserves and documents history but also initiates and instigates new projects. Due to the unique character of the village, the museum takes active part in the reconstruction and preservation of the local historic sites.     



Areas of Activity


Documentation, site preservation, tourism, hosting of art exhibitions, educational activities, memorialization of fallen local residents. The museum believes that service, courtesy, loyalty to the history and heritage of the village, preservation and educational achievements are the leading values of its operation.    



The museum aims to tell the tale of the history of Mazkeret Batya not only to its own residents and visitors but also to the entire country and the world. It strives to be an establishment that widens its visitors’ horizon. It acts as a looking glass into the past and is a cause for local pride. It also aims to maintain, develop, transform, add, initiate and create opportunities for education and recreation activities in the fields of history, general knowledge, research and tourism.    

Vision: “Maintaining the Past – Building the Future”

The museum aims to base itself on Mazkeret Batya’s unique assets and whilst preserving local history and cultural heritage continues to function as an exceptional museum that will keep on charming an ever growing public, endowing knowledge and history of the early settlement community to all residents and visitors and establish itself as one of the most outstanding and demanded of all local Israeli museums.