Mazkeret Batya, a picturesque village that encompasses historic tales of the past combined with fragrances of contemporary and original creations of the present, has set off a new and creative open house initiative. Approximately 40 local artists take active part in this blessed enterprise which establishes Mazkeret Batya as one of the most exceptional and sought after artist colonies. The participating artists present a wide variety of creative fields such as: painting, sketching, illustration, design, ceramics, gold and silver craftsmanship, jewelry, mosaics, stained glass, papier mâche, wood, and the art of cuisine and hosting. The village also offers a number of restaurants and cafe’s. The direct encounter with the artists at their homes and galleries grants an exquisite artistic experience that is joyous, cultural and personal. The open houses at the artists’ homes, galleries and workshops can be enjoyed every Friday between 9:00 – 15:00 and during the week on demand. The map of the artists’ homes and galleries can be obtained at the local museum and also via the Mazkeret Batya website. We welcome you into our homes and invite you to enjoy a day of exceptional creative experience!